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Helen Barlow

Translations on the move…

I am an experienced and highly qualified freelance translator of French, Spanish and Portuguese into English (my mother tongue) specialising in the professional translation of any text relating to the field of travel and tourism. I also have extensive experience in producing captivating marketing translations for the fashion, gastronomy, culture, lifestyle, beauty and luxury sectors.

My qualifications include a BA Honours in French and Spanish, (University of Newcastle), a Postgraduate Certificate in Translation Skills (City University, London), a PGCE in French teaching and a Masters in Technical and Specialised Translation (University of Westminster, London).

I combine my educational background with my passion for language, writing, culture and travel to construct fresh and lively translations designed to meet a specific target audience, with cultural and linguistic differences constantly in mind.

My work in the travel industry is enhanced by my location-independent lifestyle, which revolves around living and travelling in different countries. I maximise my freedom by ordering my work to take away!


Travel & tourism


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